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Dalila Adams has been assisting individuals in their personal and professional development for the last 17 years. While she now focuses primarily on the individual client, she has had great success improving both personal and business growth for many individual and business clients.  Formerly, as the President and co-owner of Psychology of Communication, she worked with corporations to improve efficiency, effectiveness, morale and the bottom through long and short-term projects providing statistical data evidencing improvement.    


Ms. Adams was a featured speaker at Power Mastery, has led many seminars and classes, has numerous articles and is currently working on updating and expanding on her book, Authentic Living.  Ms. Adams has a background as a litigation case manager holding a paralegal degree from Georgetown University, has a degree as a Doctor of Naturopathy and has an abundance of knowledge, education and experience in quantum physics, meditation and eastern culture philosophies.   

"What an amazing thing to have someone you can turn to, with any business matter, and know that you will get sound guidance to help you through. Her guidance and insight, on so many levels, has given me invaluable knowledge and experience on (*taught me) how to handle so many different types situations, with clients, contracts, advertising, and so much more.  Having Dalila as a solid resource in my back pocket has given me so much confidence with my business and in life.  ...I honestly don't know what I would have done without her!"  - Ellen Shephard, Business Owner

"Excellent guide and counselor.  Right on and very intuitive.  A guide to becoming the best we can be for ourselves and our relationships.  Talk to her and see!"  - Susanne Furmann, Ph.D.

"I have grown exponentially and have learned so much about myself by working with Dalila.....In being my whole self  I can truly make a difference in other's people's lifes....thank you Dalila." - Marie Rodriquez, N.D

I've seen and benefited from Dalila's unique and powerful skills first hand.  I was at a point where I was considering selling a company that I had worked long and hard to build, and was struggling wit the decision. Dalila was able to help me identify what I really wanted to do, and gave me the confidence to stick with my decision.  It turned out to be the right decision both professionally and financially.  thanks, Dalila!" - Tim Dietrich

"Thank you for helping me through my difficulties!" - C.E.

"You have been so instrumental in my personal growth, as a guide, friend, and therapist all in one, and I can't tell you how much I value and appreciate you." - Jasmine Zhou, Business Owner

"Dalila is insightful beyond compare and filled with compassion." - Pilar

Dalila understand how importan self-love, patience and understanding is to personal transformation.  Her life coaching and guided communication provides you with the tools and techniques to live a more vibrant, aware, and happier life.  Through my work with Dalila, I am finally arriving at the "me" that I was always  meant to be."  - J.C.

I came to Dalila in a time of my life where I had bee knocked around and the very ground on which I stood had been stripped beneath me. ...she offered empathy and on-point piercing insight into the fears and self-limited beliefs that led me to that place, and digestible steps forward in reclaiming my vision for th bath ahead.  My work with her has been integral in manifesting an empowered, inspired life pregnant with possibility.  I continue to seek out her insight in moments of doubt because I know that she will continue to guide me.  - Dahlia Shaaban

I’ve been a client of Dalila’s for a number of years now and I am so very grateful to have met her!  To say that she has helped transform my life for the better feels like an understatement.  Dalila has extensive training in multiple modalities which I find so valuable. Her strengths include strong intuition and healing capabilities, deep empathy, great listener and coach, and a true understanding of the mind, body and spirit connection.  Her lack of judgement is inspiring as is her ability to remain calm and supportive.  I cannot thank Dalila enough for showing me the path to peace and being my partner in my own personal development! - Holly Rapport


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